Expected Learning Outcomes

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The Expected Learning Outcomes of
University Synagogue Religious School Graduates:

Be knowledgeable Jews who can:

  • Participate in and lead Shabbat services in Hebrew and English
  • Understand the meaning of the Shabbat prayers and holiday blessings
  • Share moments and identify figures of significance in Jewish history
  • Identify biblical characters and explain how their stories impact our lives
  • Explain the Jewish life cycle and rituals
  • Read and recognize Hebrew prayers and words
  • Connect to Israel in meaningful ways
  • Lead holiday blessings at home
  • Share lessons from Torah in a d’var Torah

Connect to Jewish life through:

  • Tikkun Olam – making the world a better place
  • A growing commitment to Jews around the world
  • Making life decisions that are shaped by Jewish ethics and values
  • Developing a life-long relationship with God
  • Being proud and active members of the University Synagogue community
  • Celebration of Jewish holidays
  • A desire to visit Israel, go to Jewish camps, and participate in youth group programming
  • Israeli dance and Jewish songs
  • Taking pride in and having fun being Jewish
  • Express their Jewish opinions on issues of moral and ethical concern

Be advocates for derech eretz by:

  • Showing care and compassion for humanity
  • Honoring their parents
  • Giving tzedakah
  • Pursuing peace
  • Valuing friendship
  • Respecting teachers and classmates
  • Working at home and school to protect and save the environment