Havurah: An Introduction

What is a havurah?
A havurah is a group of five to 10 families or eight to 10 singles/couples who get together on a regular basis to celebrate Jewish life. The difference between a havurah and any other social group is that all members must make a commitment to the synagogue community and to each other. We want to acknowledge that some havurot will meet more or less frequently than we suggest. However - to give your havurah a chance to bond and become a cohesive unit, with the help and resources of our staff members - we highly encourage creating a havurah calendar with meeting times every four to six weeks for the first six months of the havurah’s creation.
What is the advantage of a havurah?
Getting to know people in a larger congregation can be intimidating for some. A havurah is a terrific way to become acquainted with others who live near you, have similar interests, and help make our synagogue feel more like a family.
What kinds of activities does a havurah do?
It’s up to you! Your group can enjoy a Shabbat dinner together, have a Hanukah party, build a Sukkah, even go camping if you’re so inclined. Each havurah determines the types of activities it wants... some involve children, some do not. Our executive staff is here to help guide you on this sacred journey and to help with programming ideas. Also, don’t forget to check the program bank!
How do you get a havurah together?
After returning a completed havurah application, you will be “matched up” with others who have similar preferences. At the first meeting of your new havurah, the synagogue staff and havurah task force will be there to help break the ice and to explain more about how a havurah is organized.
How can I join a havurah?
Havurot groups are open to members of University Synagogue. To learn more about membership, click here. Please contact us for more information about joining.