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For more than 70 years, University Synagogue has been an exemplary congregation within the greater Los Angeles community. We believe our success stems from the strength of our “synagogue family." Over the years, we have successfully responded to the life-cycle needs of hundreds of individuals and families, as well as created superb new opportunities for learning experiences starting from youth through adulthood. Every day, we reinforce the vibrant relationship and strengthen the bond between our individual family members, our synagogue and our community. 

We extend an invitation for you to learn more about who we are as you consider becoming a member of our synagogue family!  
By definition, a synagogue is "a gathering place for the community." Ours is a house of worship, study and assembly, and the nucleus of cultural, spiritual and social awareness and activity for all of the members of our congregation. 
University Synagogue has a rich and vibrant history that offers its congregants worship services, religious education programs, festival celebrations, life-cycle events, and opportunities to become more involved as members of our synagogue family. 
Groups at University Synagogue include: 

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When you join University Synagogue as a pillar member, you’ll provide a level of commitment that helps ensure the highest quality of synagogue programming and services is being provided to our congregants, making it possible for us to fulfill our mission to become a model synagogue for the 21st century.
For information about membership, contact us at (310) 472-1255.