The Early Childhood Learning Center’s UNIFIED Approach to Learning

The Uniquely Nurturing and Innovative, Family and Individual Environment for Development.

ECLC is Now Enrolling for the 2019 - 2020 School Year!
Thank you for your interest in University Synagogue’s Early Childhood Learning Center! The first step is scheduling a tour. We meet with parents for individual tours and are able to any and all questions you may have. The completion of your Application for Admission with $100 fee is the second step, that puts you on our list of potential incoming preschool families.
Welcome to University Synagogue's Early Childhood Learning Center. Upon entering our school, you will discover a nurturing, community oriented environment which provides both developmentally and educationally appropriate hands-on exploration and academia.  Each of our classrooms has dedicated teachers and a curriculum specifically designed to meet our children's needs, encourage and stimulate their curiosity and fulfill their dreams.  We utilize an individualized educational program which encompasses a kindergarten readiness approach.  Our early childhood program provides an environment full of fun, laughter, self-expression, creativity, music, art, and Jewish awareness.
Every day our children have exposure to tactile activities designed to explore the where, why and how of learning. Through art, math, science, literacy and play integration, the University Synagogue Early Childhood Learning Center fosters and instills a love for learning in our young students.  Your child will be immersed in a warm, loving environment where social and emotional development, initial transitions and friendships develop and flourish.  As your child moves forward in our school, he/she will be immersed in a kindergarten-readiness program which stresses creative thinking, decision making, problem solving, language development and communication.  Our goal is to prepare and empower our children for entrance into kindergarten, promote relationships with other children and teachers and enrich them with a lifelong love of learning and Judaism.
University Synagogue Early Childhood Learning Center provides a secure and nurturing environment steeped in Jewish awareness and tradition where each child will grow and excel to the best of their ability.  Students engage in a contemporary, playful, hands-on approach to Judaism based on the philosophy and application of Reform Judaism.  Our Director of Jewish Education, Rabbis and Cantor are graciously and actively involved in our wonderful preschool.  

To find out more about ECLC, get in touch with:

April Schafer, Director of Early Childhood 
Phone: (310) 472-0603
Fax: (310) 476-6587
Email: aschafer@unisyn.org