Music during prayer is essential and is the purest expression of the soul’s longing. Our people’s prayers have been presented in song since the Levites expressed our yearnings during Temple times.

At University Synagogue we recognize the importance of connecting through music – during services and within the life of our community.
We are sustained through music every day in our community. From pre-school sing-alongs and Kinder Shabbat to pastoral visits by our clergy in the hospital – our musical life is an integral part of the University Synagogue experience.
R. Nachman of Bratslav explains, “I will sing to my God with my ‘more’ (be'odi)” (Psalm 146:1), saying that it encourages us to find that aspect of “moreness” within each of us through music and song. In singing such songs, we can search out the good within every human being and only through finding that goodness within everyone may we sing pure praises to the Holy One. (Likkutei MoHaRa’N, I 282)
Please take a look at our music program offerings below:


Our children’s choir meets on Sundays during religious school under the direction of Cantor Kerith Spencer-Shapiro. The group helps Friday night family services on a monthly basis.


Our adult choir joins Cantor Shapiro in leading prayer during the High Holy Days and other special times. The choir is directed by Susan Rosenstein, who has long served as our community’s accompanist. Teens who have the ability to read music and are able to attend rehearsals are welcome to join the adult choir.

Shabbat Zimrah

Our Shabbat Zimrah musicians share with us a soulful & spiritual Shabbat experience of music, connection and community. Please click here to learn more.


Under the leadership of Cantor Emeritus Jay Frailich, University Synagogue became a national leader in the area of Jewish Music Commissions. We take pride in sustaining Jewish Music in America through the commissioning of accomplished Jewish composers. Contact Cantor Shapiro if you would like to mark a special occasion or honor a loved one by commissioning a piece of music.
For information about music at the synagogue, click here for Cantor Shapiro's contact information.