For Parents

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We believe your child’s education is a family partnership and ECLC supports parents’ active participation. We also encourage open communication among parents, teachers, and the director. There will be many opportunities to participate from Kinder Shabbat to Thanksgiving Feast, Hanukkah the Musical, and more. The director will keep families up to date on school happenings through emails, flyers, newsletters, surveys, and many more. 

Parent Education 

We regularly host informative guests to speak on such topics as setting limits, child safety, and other important parenting issues. Please be on the lookout for these events!


We have built a strong, vibrant community by encouraging and fostering bonds among our student’s families. In addition to our parent-hosted mom’s discussion group, our Parents Assistance League (PAL) is open to all parents. PAL meets every month to discuss the latest developments at the school, upcoming events, and new ideas. Additionally, PAL organizes playdates, Shabbat dinners, and food deliveries for ECLC families who have just welcomed new babies. Mazel Tov! 
Hosted by one parent from each class or age group, evening socials strengthen the ties among parents. Events include potlucks, wine and cheese gatherings, barbeques and pizza parties. 
We are proud that University Synagogue’s ECLC is a community where lasting friendships are formed not only among children, but also among parents—and even grandparents!