Purpose of the Religious School

We at University Synagogue believe that the purpose of Religious School is:
  1. To instill a sense of pride in a child’s Jewish heritage and an appreciation of the beauty of Jewish tradition as guided by the principles of Reform Judaism.  
  2. To teach Judaism and Jewish living for the next generation and develop an understanding of where each individual fits into the community. 
  3. To teach the how and why of Judaism in order to create a positive Jewish identity that makes for a long-lasting and meaningful connection to Judaism.
  4. To acquire Hebrew skills in order to understand and make personal meaning from prayers, to participate in prayer services around the world, and to connect with others in Jewish settings across the globe.
  5. To foster a love of the land and dream of Israel as a Jewish country with democratic ideals.  
  6. To promote a sense of commonality and connection with Jews around the world.
  7. To help students develop their own relationship to Judaism through inquiry, problem solving and discovery.