Shabbat Evening Service - People of the Book - Rabbi Naomi Levy - Human Rights

Rabbi Naomi Levy , founder and spiritual leader of Nashuva, a synagogue which meets in Brentwood, will be speaking at University Synagogue as part of our “People of the Book series on “Einstein and the Rabbi.” She became the first female Conservative rabbi to head a pulpit on the West Coast. Author of three books, she has appeared on NBC's Today Show and on Oprah, and has been featured in Parade, Redbook, Self, The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe and Los Angeles magazines. We welcome her return to our congregation!

From a review of Einstein and the Rabbi by Jonathan Kirsch: The title of the book refers to a kind of mystery story that runs throughout the work. Levy found her way to an obscure letter whose author turned out to be Albert Einstein: “A human being … experiences himself … as something separate from the rest,” the great scientist wrote. “The striving to free oneself from this delusion is the one issue of true religion.” The letter inspired her to play the role of a detective: “Little did I know that this powerful teaching by Einstein about the universe would lead me to the soul of a stranger, and that I would feel compelled to follow the sacred thread of his story.” I won’t give away the ending — or the fascinating and sometimes sorrowful twists and turns — of the story that she tells about Einstein’s letter except to say that it carries a profound irony. For Levy, the words of a famous man of science reveal a path to something every bit as elusive as the theory of relativity — the human soul.