Uni means being one, and that is something that UNITY cherishes.
University Synagogue Temple Youth (UNITY) is a place for students in 9th through 12th grade to have a voice, have a role, and have fun.
The most important part about having a youth group is having a place to bond and connect with other Jewish youth. This is done through official UNITY board meetings, UNITY events (such as hangouts at the beach, social action programs, bonfires, pizza parties, etc.), and representing UNITY at North American Federation of Temple Youth (NFTY) events.
North American Federation of Temple Youth (NFTY)
NFTY represents several regions in North America that are made up of temple youth groups (TGYs) in each region. Some regions include NFTY Central West Region, NFTY Ohio Valley Region, NFTY Mid Atlantic Region, and our own NFTY Southern California Region. They are essentially doing what TYGs do in a larger scale. They have weekend retreats, leadership training institutions, and social justice programs. NFTY is a role model to TYGs in North America and UNITY looks up to them. (One NFTYite in particular: Ryan Ross, the 5774-5775 NFTY SoCal President, UNITY member, and senior in high school. He sets a great example of excellent presidency, while also representing UNITY.) Several UNITY members attend these NFTY events.
UNITY Board Elect 5775-5776 (2016 - 2017)

President: Gia Friedberg & Ellie Ross
PVPs: Reilly Pressman & Dane Elkins
SAVPs: Emma Golad & Hannah Goldsobel
RCVP: Zev Spencer-Shapiro
MVP: Rachael Weiss
FVP: Jaden Elkins
CVP: Hannah Levine
9th Grade Representatives: Mira Chaskes & Emily Glenn

The UNITY Board is modeled after the NFTY Board, which is made up of a group of 9th through 12th grade students looking for an opportunity to demonstrate leadership in our community. The board positions include president, programming vice president, social action vice president, religious and cultural vice president, membership vice president, financial vice president, communications vice president, ninth grade representative, NFTY representative, and trustees. All together, these committed teens make up our TYG board. Their jobs are to plan events, get our youth involved, and create a place for youth at University Synagogue to have a voice.
Junior UNITY
Junior UNITY is the junior youth group for students in the 6th through 8th grades at University Synagogue. Run by UNITY, their events include pizza parties, beach cleanups, joint programs with UNITY and more! They are also a part of the NFTY SoCal 678 program, hosted by NFTY SoCal’s TYG’s, which is an introduction to NFTY and TYG programming and events.

For information about UNITY or Junior UNITY contact:

Lenette Herzog, Rabbinic Intern